"Never a dull moment on stage... not to be missed."

The Plus Ones

Professional magicians, Dom Chambers and Bayden Hammond, combine astounding magic with hilarious sketch comedy. Their award-winning debut show took audiences on a side-splitting journey involving everything from disastrous dates to incompetent lawyers. Met with high praise, the show was a sold-out success across multiple festivals in 2015-2016.


The lads are now touring their critically acclaimed sophomore show, Gone Girl, a shameless parody of Hollywood thrillers. Featuring their trademark cast of quirky characters, the story follows one man and the perilous quest to save his kidnapped dog.

BEAT Magazine

"Loaded with witty pop culture references and bursting at the seams with inventive turns, Gone Girl takes the best of an action movie, a buddy comedy and a magic show and embeds them all with Dom & Dumber's hilarious banter. An instantly lovable show that no doubt will go far."

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